1. (n) (uk) (sl) null pointer exception (in the Java programming language)
ヌード写真  ヌードしゃしん
  1. (n) nude photo
ヌエ的  ヌエてき
  1. (adj-na) mysterious; strange; sphinx-like; enigmatic; noncommital
ヌカ漬け  ヌカづけ
  1. (n) pickles made in brine and fermented rice bran (esp. vegetables, also meat, fish, eggs, etc.)
ヌタウナギ属  ヌタウナギぞく
  1. (n) Eptatretus (genus of hagfish in the family Myxinidae)
ヌママングース属  ヌママングースぞく
  1. (n) Atilax; genus containing the marsh mongoose
ヌメ革  ヌメかわ
  1. (n) cow hide tanned using tannin
ヌル型  ヌルがた
  1. (n) (comp) null type
ヌル値  ヌルち
  1. (n) (comp) null value
ヌル文字  ヌルもじ
  1. (n) (comp) null character