1. (n) G; g
G10  ジーテン
  1. (n) Group of Ten; G-10
GB理論  ジービーりろん
  1. (n) (ling) government-binding theory; government and binding theory
GCOM  ジーコム
  1. (n) Global Change Observation Mission; GCOM
GDP  ジーディーピー
  1. (n) gross domestic product; GDP
GHQ  ジーエッチキュー
  1. (n) General Headquarters (office of the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers); GHQ
GI  ジーアイ common
  1. (n) (col) GI; G.I.; soldier in the US Army
GIカット  ジーアイカット
  1. (n) GI haircut; crew cut
GI値  ジーアイち
  1. (n) glycemic index
GM  ジーエム
  1. (n) general manager; GM
  2. guided missile
  3. (adj-f) genetically modified; GM