1. (n) "at" mark
@系  アットけい
  1. (n) roguelike (character display computer game)
  1. (num) two (chi: er)
ADESS  アデス
  1. (n) Automated Data Editing and Switching System; ADESS
ANDゲート  アンドゲート
  1. (n) (comp) AND gate
AND回路  アンドかいろ
  1. (n) (comp) AND circuit
ASCII  アスキー common
  1. (n) (comp) American Standard Code for Information Interchange; ASCII
ASEAN  アセアン
  1. (n) Association of Southeast Asian Nations; ASEAN
ATICS  アティックス
  1. (n) Automobile Traffic Information & Control System; ATICS
  1. (n) I; i