1. (num) six
6月  ろくがつ common
  1. (n-adv) June
ろうけつ染め  ろうけつぞめ
  1. (n,adj-no) batik (cloth)
ろう引き  ろうびき
  1. (n,adj-no) waxing
ろう者  ろうしゃ
  1. (n) deaf person
ろう付け  ろうづけ
  1. (n) soldering; brazing
ろくぶんぎ座  ろくぶんぎざ
  1. (n) (astron) Sextans (constellation); the Sextant
ろくろっ首  ろくろっくび
  1. (n) rokurokubi; long-neck woman; monstrous person (often a woman) with a neck that can expand and contract (in Japanese folklore)
ろくろ回し  ろくろまわし
  1. (n) shaping ceramics on a pottery wheel; spinning a pottery wheel
  2. (sl) (joc) gesticulating with your hands as if you were shaping ceramics on a pottery wheel
ろくろ師  ろくろし
  1. (n) turner; thrower