れんが塀  れんがべい
  1. (n) brick wall
れん乳  れんにゅう
  1. (n) condensed milk
戻入  れいにゅう
  1. (n,vs) reversal of monies, funds, commissions
連覇  れんぱ common
  1. (n,vs) successive championships
連破  れんぱ
  1. (n,vs) winning successively; defeating one's enemy in succession
 れい common
  1. (n,n-suf) command; order; dictation
令する  れいする
  1. (vs-s,vt) to command; to order
令甥  れいせい
  1. (n) (hon) your nephew
令兄  れいけい
  1. (n) your elder brother
令月  れいげつ
  1. (n) (arch) auspicious month
  2. second lunar month