めい想  めいそう
  1. (n,vs) meditation; contemplation
めい福  めいふく
  1. (n) happiness in the next world
めかけ奉公  めかけぼうこう
  1. (n,vs) serving as a concubine
めかし屋  めかしや
  1. (n) fashionable person; dandy; flashy dresser; fop
めがねっ娘  めがねっこ
  1. (n) (m-sl) girl (usu. attractive) with glasses; glasses-wearing girl
めがね店  めがねてん
  1. (n) optician; optician's store
めくら印  めくらいん
  1. (n) (col) (obsc) (sens) rubber stamp
めくら判  めくらばん
  1. (n) (sens) approving a document without adequately reading it; rubber-stamping
めくり上げる  めくりあげる
  1. (v1) to lift; to turn over; to fold over
めぐり会う  めぐりあう
  1. (v5u) to meet fortuitously (e.g. running into an old friend); to meet by chance; to happen across