1. (num) three
  2. (pref) tri-
3つ  みっつ
  1. (num) three
3つ  みつ
  1. (num) three
3つ星  みつぼし
  1. (n,adj-no) three stars (shape)
  2. three stars (for quality, e.g. Michelin stars)
  3. (n) Orion's belt; Chinese "Three Stars" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
3組  みくみ
  1. (n) set of three; three sets; three classes
3日  みっか
  1. (n) the third day of the month
  2. three days
みかじめ料  みかじめりょう
  1. (n) protection money
みかん箱  みかんばこ
  1. (n) cardboard box for mandarin oranges
みかん畑  みかんばたけ
  1. (n) mandarin plantation
みこしを据える  みこしをすえる
  1. (exp,v1) to ensconce oneself (e.g. in a chair); to settle oneself down; to plant oneself