ぽい捨て  ぽいすて
  1. (n) littering, esp. such things as empty cans, cigarette butts, dog faeces, etc. along roads, in parks, etc.; careless tossing away
ぽかぽか陽気  ぽかぽかようき
  1. (n) nice and warm day; balmy weather
ぽたぽた焼  ぽたぽたやき
  1. (n) pota pota yaki (var. of senbei (rice cracker) coated with a sweet soy-sauce glaze on top)
ぽたぽた落ちる  ぽたぽたおちる
  1. (exp,v1) to fall in drops; to drip down; to trickle down
ぽち袋  ぽちぶくろ
  1. (n) decorative paper envelope for giving New Year's gifts (usu. money given to children) and congratulatory gifts
ぽとりと落ちる  ぽとりとおちる
  1. (exp,v1) to fall down with a "plop"
ぽん引き  ぽんびき
  1. (n) tout; swindler; con-man
  2. pimp
ぽん引き  ぽんぴき
  1. (n) tout; swindler; con-man
  2. pimp
ぽん太郎  ぽんたろう
  1. (n) idiot; moron
  1. (n) (uk) dot; point; mark
  2. (uk) (ksb:) tip; gratuity
  3. (suf) (uk) a little; paltry; piddling; mere