ぼうえんきょう座  ぼうえんきょうざ
  1. (n) (astron) Telescopium (constellation); the Telescope
ぼうぜん自失  ぼうぜんじしつ
  1. (n,vs,adj-no) stupor; stupefaction; trance; (being) dumbfounded
ぼう張  ぼうちょう
  1. (n,vs,adj-no) expansion; swelling; increase; growth
ぼたん鍋  ぼたんなべ
  1. (n) (food) boar meat hot pot; boar stew
ぼた山  ぼたやま
  1. (n) slagheap; slag heap; pile of coal waste
ぼた餅  ぼたもち
  1. (n) adzuki bean mochi
ぼっ発  ぼっぱつ
  1. (n,vs) outbreak (e.g. war); outburst; sudden occurrence
ぼりぼり食べる  ぼりぼりたべる
  1. (exp,v1) to eat with a munching or crunching sound
ぼろくそに言う  ぼろくそにいう
  1. (exp,v5u) to speak ill of; to speak very disparagingly about; to speak very harshly about
ぼろを出す  ぼろをだす
  1. (exp,v5s) to reveal the faults