hoge  ほげ
  1. (n) (comp) foobar-style name for a dummy variable
ほい駕籠  ほいかご
  1. (n) (arch) crude palanquin; street palanquin
ほうおう座  ほうおうざ
  1. (n) Phoenix (constellation)
ほうき星  ほうきぼし
  1. (n) (astron) comet
ほうじ茶  ほうじちゃ
  1. (n) roasted green tea
ほうの木  ほうのき
  1. (ik) (ik) (n) (uk) magnolia (Magnolia obovata); Japanese big leaf magnolia
ほうほうの体  ほうほうのてい
  1. (exp) scuttling (to escape in a panic, in shame, etc.); scurrying; scrambling
ほうり込む  ほうりこむ
  1. (v5m,vt) to throw into; to toss into
ほうり出す  ほうりだす
  1. (v5s,vt) to throw out; to fire; to expel; to give up; to abandon; to neglect
ほうり投げる  ほうりなげる
  1. (v1,vt) to throw; to fling; to heave; to toss