べか船  べかぶね
  1. (n) small sailing boat used for collecting nori, etc.
べき級数  べききゅうすう
  1. (n) power series
べき乗  べきじょう
  1. (n,vs) (math) exponentiation; power
べし見  べしみ
  1. (n) beshimi; noh mask with a slanted mouth, bulging eyes and large nostrils
べそを作る  べそをつくる
  1. (exp,v5r) (uk) to be ready to cry; to be on the point of tears
べた惚れ  べたぼれ
  1. (n,vs) (falling) deeply in love
べた焼き  べたやき
  1. (n) contact print
  2. pancake topped with vegetables, etc.
べた組み  べたぐみ
  1. (n) solid printing; solid typesetting
べた付く  べたつく
  1. (v5k,vi) (uk) to be sticky
  2. to be close together
べた負け  べたまけ
  1. (n) complete defeat; losing all matches