ぶた汁  ぶたじる
  1. (n) pork miso soup; miso soup with pork and vegetables
ぶち壊す  ぶちこわす
  1. (v5s,vt) to destroy; to crush; to break by striking; to wreck
  2. to spoil; to ruin
ぶち開ける  ぶちあける
  1. (v1,vt) to forcefully open up a hole (in a wall, etc.)
  2. to speak frankly, holding nothing back
  3. to throw out everything inside
ぶち込む  ぶちこむ
  1. (v5m,vt) to throw; to toss; to cast
  2. to hit; to strike; to smash; to hammer in; to drive in
  3. to fire into (e.g. a crowd); to launch (e.g. missiles); to lob (e.g. grenades)
  4. to wear (sword, etc.); to carry
ぶち撒ける  ぶちまける
  1. (v1,vt) (uk) to throw out (everything)
  2. (uk) to tell frankly; to confess
ぶち切れ  ぶちきれ
  1. (adj-f) livid
ぶち切れ  ぶちぎれ
  1. (adj-f) livid
ぶち切れる  ぶちきれる
  1. (v1) (col) to be enraged; to flip out
ぶち切れる  ぶちぎれる
  1. (v1) (col) to be enraged; to flip out
ぶち当たる  ぶちあたる
  1. (v5r) to slam into (e.g. a wall, a limit) (figuratively); to hit
  2. to face (e.g. trouble, a problem); to confront