びしょ濡れ  びしょぬれ common
  1. (n,adj-no) sopping wet; sodden; wet to the skin
びた一文  びたいちもん
  1. (exp) being penniless; not having a cent
びっくり仰天  びっくりぎょうてん
  1. (n,vs) astonished; stunned; startled out of one's wits; thunderstruck; open-eyed astonishment
びっくり箱  びっくりばこ
  1. (n) jack-in-the-box; jack-in-a-box
びっこを引く  びっこをひく
  1. (exp,v5k) to limp
びわ酒  びわしゅ
  1. (n) loquat wine
引き  びき
  1. (suf) -off (price reduction)
海狸  びぜばぜ
  1. (n) beaver
蒲葵  びろう
  1. (n) (uk) Chinese fan palm (Livistona chinensis)
吃驚  びっくり common
  1. (gikun) (vs,adv) (uk) (on-mim) to be surprised; to be amazed; to be frightened; to be astonished; to get startled; to jump
  2. (adj-f) (uk) (on-mim) surprise (e.g. surprise party)