ぱくり屋  ぱくりや
  1. (n) confidence man; con man; company (or person) carrying out credit fraud
ぱちんこ屋  ぱちんこや
  1. (n) pinball parlor; pinball hall
ぱちん留  ぱちんどめ
  1. (n) ornamental clip (hair, obi, etc.)
ぱちん留め  ぱちんどめ
  1. (n) ornamental clip (hair, obi, etc.)
ぱっと見  ぱっとみ
  1. (n) (at) a glance; (judging from) appearances
  1. (ctr) counter for birds and rabbits
  1. (ctr) counter for bundles
波羅蜜  ぱらみつ
  1. (n) paaramitaa; entrance into Nirvana
  2. jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus)
放し  ぱなし
  1. (n-suf) (uk) keep ...-ing (negative nuance, with the state being improper, unpleasant, etc.); have been ...-ing; leaving (something) on; leaving (something) still in use