×  ばつ
  1. (n) x-mark (used to indicate an incorrect answer in a test, etc.)
ばい煙  ばいえん
  1. (n) dirty smoke; soot and smoke
ばい貝  ばいがい
  1. (n) whelk; small water snails
ばい菌  ばいきん common
  1. (n) (col) germ; germs; bacteria; mold; mould
  2. something harmful; vermin
ばかも休み休み言え  ばかもやすみやすみいえ
  1. (exp) stop talking nonsense; don't be ridiculous; give me a break
ばかを見る  ばかをみる
  1. (exp,v1) to feel like an idiot; to make a fool of yourself
ばか者  ばかもの
  1. (n) (derog) moron; idiot; stupid person
ばか笑い  ばかわらい
  1. (n,vs) horse laugh; guffaw; wild laughter
ばか騒ぎ  ばかさわぎ
  1. (n,vs) horseplay; fooling around
ばか囃子  ばかばやし
  1. (n) orchestra present at Japanese festival; festival music (may be sung from a festival float)