20歳  はたち
  1. (n) 20 years old
20日  はつか
  1. (n) twentieth day of the month
  2. twenty days
  1. (num) eight
83会  はちさんかい
  1. (n) collectively, the 83 new LDP members of parliament elected in the Sept. 2005 general election
8の字  はちのじ
  1. (n) figure eight; figure of eight
8月  はちがつ common
  1. (n-adv) August
8進数  はちしんすう
  1. (n) (comp) octal; base 8
AIH人工授精  はいぐうしゃかんじんこうじゅせい
  1. (n) artificial insemination by sperm from husband
はいから饂飩  はいからうどん
  1. (n) (uk) (ksb:) noodles with bits of deep-fried tempura batter (tenkasu, agedama)
はいり込む  はいりこむ
  1. (v5m,vi) to go into; to come into; to penetrate; to get in; to step in (a house)
  2. to become complicated