1. (n) repetition of kanji (sometimes voiced)
のけ者  のけもの
  1. (n) outcast; odd man out; pariah
のけ者にする  のけものにする
  1. (exp,vs-i) to shun somebody; to send a person to Coventry; to ignore someone
のしのしと歩く  のしのしとあるく
  1. (exp,v5k,vi) to walk heavily and clumsily; to lumber
のしを付ける  のしをつける
  1. (exp,v1) (uk) to make a gift of
のし掛かる  のしかかる
  1. (v5r,vi) (uk) to lean on; to weigh on
  2. to bend over; to lean forward
のし紙  のしがみ
  1. (n) wrapping paper for a present; gift wrapping paper; wrapping paper with a noshi decoration printed on it
のし袋  のしぶくろ
  1. (n) paper bag for putting a present in
のし歩く  のしあるく
  1. (v5k,vi) to swagger
のぞき見  のぞきみ
  1. (n,vs) peeking; peeping (e.g. through a hole, narrow gap)