ねこ耳を洗うと雨が降る  ねこみみをあらうとあめがふる
  1. (exp) (obsc) if a cat washes its ears, rain is coming
ねじりゴム編み  ねじりゴムあみ
  1. (n) twisted rib stitch (knitting)
ねじり秤  ねじりばかり
  1. (n) torsion balance
ねじり鉢巻きで  ねじりはちまきで
  1. (exp,adv) as hard as one can; with one's whole heart
ねじれ国会  ねじれこっかい
  1. (n) houses of the Diet being controlled by different parties; twisted parliament
ねじれ秤  ねじればかり
  1. (n) torsion balance
ねじ花  ねじばな
  1. (n) screw flower
ねじ回し  ねじまわし
  1. (n) screwdriver
ねじ曲がる  ねじまがる
  1. (v5r) to be twisted; to be wrapped; to be distorted
ねじ曲げる  ねじまげる
  1. (v1,vt) to twist; to distort