1. (n) (uk) (sl) null pointer exception (in the Java programming language)
ぬえ的  ぬえてき
  1. (adj-na) mysterious; strange; sphinx-like; enigmatic; noncommital
ぬかに釘  ぬかにくぎ
  1. (exp) having no effect; waste of effort
ぬか喜び  ぬかよろこび
  1. (n,vs) premature joy; short-lived elation
ぬか床  ぬかどこ
  1. (n) bed of salted rice bran used for pickling
ぬか漬け  ぬかづけ
  1. (n) pickles made in brine and fermented rice bran (esp. vegetables, also meat, fish, eggs, etc.)
ぬき出す  ぬきだす
  1. (v5s,vt) to pick out; to single out; to select
  2. to extract; to draw out; to pull out; to distill
ぬき足  ぬきあし
  1. (n) stealthy footsteps
ぬぐい去る  ぬぐいさる
  1. (v5r) to rub out; to clean off; to clear away; to efface; to erase
ぬぐい取る  ぬぐいとる
  1. (v5r,vt) to wipe off; to wipe out; to expunge