たい焼き  たいやき
  1. (n) fish-shaped pancake filled with bean jam
たい肥  たいひ
  1. (n) compost
たかなみ型護衛艦  たかなみがたごえいかん
  1. (n) Takanami class destroyer
たか派  たかは
  1. (n,adj-no) hawks; hardline faction; hardliner
たがが外れる  たががはずれる
  1. (exp,v1,vi) to become unrestrained and go to excess; to lose all restraint; to lose one's tension and become relaxed; to let go; to become disorderly; to be scattered; to lose one's self-control
たき火  たきび
  1. (n,vs) open-air fire (e.g. for garden refuse); bonfire
  2. open fire (e.g. in a kitchen)
たき木  たきぎ
  1. (n) firewood; kindling; fuel
  2. piece(s) of firewood
たくし上げる  たくしあげる
  1. (v1) to roll up or pull up (sleeves, skirt, etc.)
たけり狂う  たけりくるう
  1. (v5u) to rage; to rampage
たけり立つ  たけりたつ
  1. (v5t,vi) to rage
  2. to howl