是非に及ばず  ぜひにおよばず
  1. (exp) unavoidable; inevitable; cannot be helped; of necessity
是非もない  ぜひもない
  1. (exp) unavoidable; inevitable
是非も無い  ぜひもない
  1. (exp) unavoidable; inevitable
是非共  ぜひとも
  1. (adv) by all means (with sense of not taking "no" for an answer)
是非曲直  ぜひきょくちょく
  1. (n) rights and wrongs (of a case); relative merits (of a case)
是非是非  ぜひぜひ common
  1. (adv) (uk) certainly; by all means
是非善悪  ぜひぜんあく
  1. (n) rights and wrongs; the relative merits (of a case); propriety
是非判断  ぜひはんだん
  1. (n) discrimination of right and wrong; distinguishing between right and wrong
是非無い  ぜひない
  1. (adj-i) unavoidable; inevitable
  1. (suf) groups engaged in some activity (players, companies, forces, etc.)