すい炎  すいえん
  1. (n) pancreatitis
すい星  すいせい
  1. (n) (astron) comet
すい賓  すいひん
  1. (n) (in China) 7th note of the ancient chromatic scale (approx. G sharp)
  2. fifth lunar month
すう勢  すうせい
  1. (n) tendency; trend
すえ臭い  すえくさい
  1. (adj-i) (obsc) smelling of rotten food and drink
すがる乙女  すがるおとめ
  1. (iK) (n) (arch) wasp-waisted girl
すがる少女  すがるおとめ
  1. (n) (arch) wasp-waisted girl
すがる娘子  すがるおとめ
  1. (n) (arch) wasp-waisted girl
すきっ腹  すきっぱら
  1. (n) empty stomach; hunger
すきま風  すきまかぜ
  1. (n) draft; draught; cold air entering through the crack of a door or window
  2. cooling off of a relationship; draft of cold air between two persons