ざくろ鼻  ざくろばな
  1. (n) rhinophyma; red swollen nose (often associated with alcoholism)
ざく切り  ざくぎり
  1. (n,vs) cutting into chunks (esp. vegetables)
ざざ虫  ざざむし
  1. (n) dobsonfly or stonefly larva
ざまを見ろ  ざまをみろ
  1. (exp) serves you right!; see what happens!
ざらめ糖  ざらめとう
  1. (n) granulated sugar
ざら紙  ざらがみ
  1. (n) pulp paper; rough (printing) paper
ざら場  ざらば
  1. (n) continuous session (e.g. trading in a stock exchange); zaraba
ざるを得ない  ざるをえない
  1. (exp) cannot help (doing); have no choice but to; am compelled to; am obliged to; it is incumbent upon (me) to
ざる蕎麦  ざるそば
  1. (n) (uk) zaru soba (soba served on a bamboo draining basket with dipping sauce)
ざる得ない  ざるえない
  1. (exp) cannot help (doing); have no choice but to