1. (num) five
500円玉  ごひゃくえんだま
  1. (n) 500 yen coin
55年体制  ごじゅうごねんたいせい
  1. (n) 1955 System; Japanese political alignment with the LDP in government and the JSP in opposition, which lasted until 1993
5W1H  ごダブリューいちエッチ
  1. (n) the five Ws and one H (who, what, when, where, why and how)
5円玉  ごえんだま
  1. (n) 5 yen coin
5月  ごがつ common
  1. (n-adv) May
5叉路  ごさろ
  1. (n) five-forked road; five-road junction
5秒ルール  ごびょうルール
  1. (n) five-second rule
ごう慢  ごうまん
  1. (adj-na,n) pride; haughtiness; arrogance; insolence; hubris
ごく一部  ごくいちぶ
  1. (exp) small fraction; small proportion