げきを飛ばす  げきをとばす
  1. (exp,v5s) to issue a manifesto; to appeal
げた箱  げたばこ
  1. (n) shoe rack (in genkan); cupboard (for shoes and clogs)
げっ歯動物  げっしどうぶつ
  1. (n) gnawing animal
  2. rodent
げっ歯目  げっしもく
  1. (n) Rodentia; order comprising the rodents
げっ歯類  げっしるい
  1. (n,adj-no) rodent
げらげら笑う  げらげらわらう
  1. (exp,v5u) to guffaw
げろげろ吐く  げろげろはく
  1. (exp,v5k) to vomit; to throw up
げんを担ぐ  げんをかつぐ
  1. (exp,v5g) to be superstitious
げん灯  げんとう
  1. (n) running lights; sidelight; side light
  1. (n) lowness (of degree, value, etc.); inferiority
  2. second volume (of two); third volume (of three)