けい秀画家  けいしゅうがか
  1. (n) (accomplished) woman painter
けい線  けいせん
  1. (n) ruled line; rule
けい線を引く  けいせんをひく
  1. (exp,v5k) to rule (line)
けい線表  けいせんひょう
  1. (n) chart
けい頭  けいがしら
  1. (n) kanji "pig's head" radical
けい動脈  けいどうみゃく
  1. (n) carotid artery
けが人  けがにん common
  1. (n) wounded or injured person
けし粒  けしつぶ
  1. (n) poppy seed
  2. (adj-f) pinhead-like; small as ants
けじめを付ける  けじめをつける
  1. (exp,v1) to draw the line (between two situations); to make a clear distinction
  2. to take clear responsibility for (mistakes, etc.)
けた位置  けたいち
  1. (n) (comp) digit position