1. (n) repetition of kanji (sometimes voiced)
  1. (num) nine
9月  くがつ common
  1. (n-adv) September
くいしん坊  くいしんぼ
  1. (n,adj-na,adj-no) glutton; gourmand
くいしん坊  くいしんぼう
  1. (n,adj-na,adj-no) glutton; gourmand
くい違い  くいちがい
  1. (n) discrepancy; different or conflicting opinions
くい違う  くいちがう
  1. (v5u,vi) to cross each other; to run counter to; to differ; to clash; to go awry
くい止める  くいとめる
  1. (v1,vt) to check; to hold back
くくり出す  くくりだす
  1. (v5s) to factor out (e.g. in algebra); to pull out common elements
くぐもった声  くぐもったこえ
  1. (n) muffled voice