1. (num) nine
911事件  きゅういちいちじけん
  1. (n) September 11th attacks
きかん気  きかんき
  1. (adj-na,n,adj-no) daring; unyielding
きき酒  ききざけ
  1. (n) sake tasting; wine tasting
きき返す  ききかえす
  1. (v5s,vt) to listen repeatedly; to listen again
  2. to ask a question in return
  3. to ask again; to ask for a repeated explanation
きしみ合う  きしみあう
  1. (v5u) to engage in (mutual) competition
きし麺  きしめん
  1. (n) (food) (uk) noodles made in flat strips
きず音  きずおん
  1. (n) flaw noise
きせ分  きせぶん
  1. (n) excess of fold beyond the stitching seam
きちきち蝗虫  きちきちばった
  1. (n) (uk) (col) male Oriental longheaded locust (Acrida cinerea)
  2. (obs) Gonista bicolor (species of grasshopper resembling the Oriental longheaded locust)